Mar 21st Wahoo River GA 43 NM To Date 1,286 NM

We filed our US entrance via the Roam app on Saturday but never had a reply. This morning spoke to the local CBP officer who said that when the local office is closed the area office should have taken care of it. Anyway, all is well as he took care of our clearance into the US and got us a Cruising Permit. We were off the dock shortly after 9am. Used the flood tide current to move our stern out as we were on a face dock w/o much room in front or behind. Had a good day of motoring with the tide against us then for us then against us. We logged 42nm but by the crow’s flight 24nm! Lots of twists and turns.

We arrived at our anchorage about 5pm on the Wahoo River GA at low tide that welcomed us with lots of mud flats. But never mind, the tide in 6 hours will be up almost 9 feet. Yup, that ain’t no typo! Tomorrow we should get just past Savannah.

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