Mar 27th Southport Marina NC 69 NM To Date 1,585 NM

Off at first light and had an uneventful day.

US Marines Live Fire Base

Went through a very large, live fire US Marine base. I had called yesterday to find out they weren’t firing today. Well not in our sector, we could hear the thud, thud, thud of cannons firing for hours. At the north edge of the base is a bridge that only opens every 30 mins. Luckily when I radioed the bridge asking if I needed to wait for the next swing the operator said to just keep coming. When through I expressed my gratitude and his reply was, “You did all the work all I did was press the button”. 😀

Anchored now off Morehead NC. Pics below show the island that is near us and our nearest neighbour.


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