Day 11 Sept 16, 2017 – Hop-O-Nose Marina Catskills NY

Tristan arrived around 8:30 with the mast light assembly and got to work, the mast lift started about an hour later. The crane is older than anyone can remember but it is expertly run by Tim and staff. All went well and Bob with Tristan and only marginally, I, worked until 5pm to get all the other stuff that has to be done once the mast is up. We did take a break for lunch – can’t work hard on an empty stomach. All the instruments and electrical are working, except – bummer – the wind instruments. Bob may call the manufacturer to get some ideas on how to fix the problem, the connection appears to be ok. 

We were given a load of food by a Canadian guy who was hired to sail a boat to the start of the ICW. He had delivered the boat (I think from the Toronto area) to Hop-O-Nose, the mast had been stepped yesterday, and he was driving back to Toronto today. He said the boat will stay in the marina until October when he’ll come back down to deliver it to Norfolk. Turned out Tristan knew his boat, Black Diamond, which he kept at the Port Credit Yacht Club, it’s now in a “hurricane hole” in Georgetown, Bahamas. We gave a lot of the food to Tristan as we couldn’t possibly use it all, pork chops, two dozen eggs, lots of cold cuts – good old Canadians 🙂

A very large, beautiful 48 foot sailboat arrived in the afternoon. They are from Minnesota, left there on August 20th. They have to wait until Monday to do their mast, no lifts on Sunday. They are also heading to Fort Pierce marina in Florida so I’m sure we’ll meet again. They and their crew were a very friendly bunch. Yet another couple recently retired who sold their house, bought a bigger boat, and plan to live on it at least the cooler/cold part of the year. The owner looked to be in his mid 50’s. He said they kept their cabin so probably spending their summers up north and winters in warmer climes on their boat. They have grandchildren in Minnesota so that is a draw to return for the summer.

We walked into town – all of ten minutes, to have dinner at the New York, recommended by Ursula. Very busy, hopping place, good thing we’d made reservations, the food and the people watching was great. A little before we left, the entertainment for the night arrived, two belly dancers. We couldn’t quite make the connection between the name and decor of the restaurant, and belly dancing, but it was preferable to a loud band – geez we’re showing our age.

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