Day 42 – Oct 17, 2017 – Deltaville, VA

Another bumpy noisy night, the winds have not abated at all but the sun is out. After breakfast we hung out in the marina lounge with Chris &  Cindy and had a round of Trivial Pursuit – the 80s. We didn’t bother with the board 🙂  There were still white caps in the harbour around 11am so we decided to stay one more night and do a longer day tomorrow, there is not supposed to much wind at all. Cindy is flying home to St. Petersburg on Thursday from Norfolk so they will 40+ miles trip tomorrow. We’re not planning to go as far tomorrow.

We decided to have lunch at the place the marina staff said not to go to, as Chris said “they can’t do much to ruin lunch”. There was also the fact that it was the only other place open. The food was ok, the surroundings and staff left a bit to be desired but we survived.

There was a beautiful sunset but as soon as the sun was lower on the horizon the temperatures dipped. We put the propane heater on for a while to take the chill out of the salon.




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