Day 73 – Nov 17, 2017 – Brunswick, GA

Bob was reading up on Brunswick and it had also been recommended by Ursula so we decided to do a short trip today, just 9 nm, and spend a couple of nights here. We arrived shortly after 10 so had the whole day to tootle around. Brunswick has at least one very large cellulose plant and in the past just driving by here was an odiferous experience. I think technology has reduced or gotten rid of the odors as we haven’t smelled anything. You can see the big smoke stacks and plant from the marina.

View from back of boat looking towards town.
From back of boat, cellulose plant across the river.



The marina is very friendly. Free laundry and happy hour every day at 5, they provide beer and wine, you are asked to bring some munchies. This is a large marina which is a “hurricane hole”. We spoke to people at St Simon’s who moved their boat here for Irma. A couple we spoke to at happy hour said only one boat sustained some damage during Irma. We have never seen so many catamarans, outside of the Caribbean, as are docked here. Many of them are huge but the marina charges them for just length even though they are usually very wide.. We also heard at happy hour that there is at least one person here who lives on their cat full time and never takes it out. I guess it’s like a house trailer on water.

The marina is just a couple of blocks from the historic downtown, we walked there for lunch and to pick up just a few groceries. It was actually warm once you got a little ways from the river. We made sure we didn’t munch much at happy hour, didn’t want to ruin our dinner on board.



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