March 1, 2018 – Black Point – Great Guana Cay

It was a two hour motor sail to Black Point, with the jib mostly hanging uselessly, very little wind.

Unhappy jib

There are quite a few other boats here, we anchored at the north side of the large harbour, as close to land as possible in anticipation of two days of high winds from the north. The idea is that there will be a short distance for waves to build from the north to our boat so any waves should be small – that’s the theory.

We went ashore for about an hour to check out possible grocery stores, mostly we were hoping to get some fresh vegetables but we’re not holding our breath. One store had bins for veg but they were empty. The big challenge of going ashore is getting on and off the dinghy at the high government dock while waves are pushing the dinghy against the ladder. The best part of excursion was buying a loaf of coconut bread. You find it in a private home, the loaves of bread sitting on the kitchen counter. The bread is delicious.


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