April 13/14, 2018 – Marsh Harbour, Abaco

Had a last visit to the coffee shop this morning, Catherine and Glen were there. We found out from them that the coffee shop had opened just two months ago, planned and executed by the non-full time residents. The coffee shop is a new addition to an older house which now houses the little museum. They expected that the full time residents probably wouldn’t use it much but that turned out not to be the case, it’s very popular with all the islanders. The baked goods are made and donated by the customers who then often turn around and buy the goodies.

Our plan was to leave around 10am but a little after nine when we looked out we saw the whole dock and beyond filled by an small island freighter. It had two trucks on it, one was a fuel truck, delivering fuel to the dock. The front of the ship had a ramp which was in the down position spanning half of the opening we’d have to use to leave. The ship was going to be there for about two hours. Not good for us as we wanted to leave at mid-tide at the latest, which would be around 10am. Luckily for us, they lifted up the ramp so we could get out, we left around 9:30.

There wasn’t much wind but enough that we could sail for a little while. Last sail for me on this trip. We were anchored at the western end of the harbour by shortly after 11am. The two boats closest to us were Canadians, they’re everywhere. There was lots of boat traffic all day, we were close to the channel, but it all died down once it got dark.

April 14

We moved to the marina around 12pm, topped up the fuel tank and moved to our slip which this time is near the fuel dock. It was close to low tide by the time we were tied up and the east wind was pushing us off the dock big time. Getting on and off the boat became a major chore. You have to pull on a line to get close enough to the ladder to climb off but you better do it fast cause that east wind is going to push the boat away from the dock. It was a little easier after Bob rigged up a line to the ladder that we could pull on a bit more easily than the stern line attached to the pylon. I’m sorry I didn’t take a picture.

Our walk to Bliss coffee shop was a disappointment, they did have art by locals but nothing even remotely what we’d want to buy, so we’ll pock up at least one print from the gallery we visited the last time we were here. We had dinner at Mangoes with Joy and Dave.


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