April 24 2018 – Buckhead Creek, Georgia

After a few days of recovering and avoiding thunderstorms I left this morning at 0630 from St Simons Island (forgot to turn tracking until the afternoon). Slow going at first fighting several knots of current for the first several hours. This put me in little Mud River exactly at low tide. There was a large tug and barge heading south so I slowed and waited before I turned into this river. Saw lots of skinny water but I was more concerned with the main being up and several gusts got my speed up to the point of getting unnerved. Took the main down as soon as I had enough searoom. I am now anchored about 25 nm south of Savannah in Buckhead Creek off the Bear River. Another nice anchorage sunset. Eddies in the water and the wind working against the current. Just hope the anchor rode doesn’t wrap around the keel ? Tomorrow Hell Gate, the shallowest part of the ICW.

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